Stretching of Oil Paintings and Photographic Canvases

Frame Your Photo offers professional stretching and framing services for oil paintings, photographic canvases, Bali oil paintings, aboriginal oil paintings and more.

Canvas stretching is a tricky process that requires a high degree of knowledge and expertise to ensure that your artwork remains consistently tort through all seasons and temperatures. Our professional and highly skilled framers have the very expertise this requires and can ensure that your canvas, once stretched and framed, will remain in great shape for years and years to come.

Our stretcher frames have been specially designed to ensure the protection of your artwork. All our canvas stretching work is sealed with acid free backing, which ensures the preservation and protection of your canvas well into the future.


Specialists canvas stretching services in Melbourne

With oil painting stretching and framing, you need to know that your precious artworks and treasured paintings really are in good hands. These are items of high value and often hold an important sentimental place in your heart. And, just as importantly, because they are unique, they are not replaceable. Therefore, you want to know that when you hand them over to be worked on they really are in expert hands. At Frame Your Photo, our professional framers really do have authentic and time-tested experience in the canvas painting stretching and framing trade. It the expertise, attention to detail, and dedication to quality workmanship that sets us apart from our competitors.


Float framing

Float frame is a fantastic way to display an artwork on canvas. The painting is first stretched over a canvas stretcher bar, and then set into a frame that stands out and away from the artwork. The puts canvas in the middle of the frame, floating, as it were, with the frame out and around it. You often see indigenous artworks done this way. The frame can also be adjusted, so that the distance can be altered, and the frame can even sit flush against the artwork. There are all kinds of possibilities. The most important thing is to use these techniques to the greatest effect. That’s where industry experience and expertise come into effect. At Frame Your Photo, we have a dedicated team, with years of experience, dedication to quality workmanship, and a creative flare.


Frame Your Photo stretching and framing services are perfect for:

  • Painting which have been sent from overseas and are rolled
  • Photo printed on canvas and rolled for storage or postage
  • Artwork painted directly on fabric which subsequently then need to be stretch
  • For Galleries that require canvas stretching services


If you would like to talk with one of our friendly framing consultants, please call 04 22 649 018 or email us your enquiry to

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