Multi Photo Framing

If a picture speaks a thousand words, you can tell a whole story in a single frame with our customised multi photo framing techniques.

You can create a panorama, a collage or a mosaic from a selection of multiple photos.


Two options to create your magnificent collage:

Collage mats framing

Frame Your Photo can help you create your own unique, astounding looking photo collage. We can even customise collage frames, plaques and mat boards so you get the right effect.

You can choose how many photos you want in your collage, and we can help you fit them nicely within the mat board slots.

You have the choice of facing your photo collage with standard clear or non-reflective glass.

Here is an example of collage mats framing:



Collage poster framing

First up, your chosen pictures will be printed on photo paper in large format, and then mounted on sturdy fibreboard. Then you can choose a frame that best fits with your preferences – browse through our wide selection of frames. A semi-gloss, UV protective film enhances those brilliant colours and ensures that they won’t fade over time. In addition, this provides a high resistance to moisture, so important to preserves those images for years to come.

Here is an example of collage poster framing:



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