Mirror Framing

Mirrors have always been used to great effect by interior designers. Mirrors can often create the illusion that a room or area is larger than it actually is, or used effectively, can enhance the whole look or feel of a space, such as a hallway or mantle.

It’s always important when decorating with mirrors, to get that balance and mystique absolutely right. Often people going for that effect just don’t get it right or make the mistake of choosing a mirror that is too small or not quite the right shape. Obviously, then, there are important considerations to be made when trying to choose the right sized mirror for that space. Frame Your Photo offers free online mirror advice. For example, mirrors should never overhand their anchoring point, but only extend to a little within it. Height position is also very important, where it is good to be just a little above the back furniture or mantle that the mirror hangs above (about 10 cm), with the space between the top of the mirror and the ceiling much less critical. The trick with mirrors is to be bold – you really want to fill up that space.


Mirrors are Magical!

Mirrors naturally reflect light and space, thus enhancing the atmosphere of any room or setting. Hanging a mirror on a wall is like opening up the space with a whole new a window adding ambience and mystique. In large areas, mirrors can make a broad, blank dead space really come to life, adding dimension, even mystery.


Cut to size mirrors

If you are looking to enhance your space with a mirror, then Frame Your Photo can help. We can cut any mirror to your size and specifications. We’d be more than happy to work closely with you to find the best solution to create that unique look, and with expert advice you’ll avoid any of those costly mistakes.


If you live in Melbourne, call Frame Your Photo now on 04 22 649 018 to arrange one of our framing consultants to visit you at your home or office and we can recommend the best size and style for your space.

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