3D Box Framing for Memorabilia

3D (3 dimensional) Objects

There really are no limitations or boundaries on what can be framed. People frame all sorts of things. Spectacles, padlocks and their keys, antique cutlery, music records and pocket watches – these are just a few examples of the treasures we have framed. If it is an object that has meaning to you, then Frame Your Photo has a solution expertly devised just for you. 


3D Box picture framing for Military memorabilia & War medals:

Do you have any treasured service memorabilia? Don’t tell me it’s hiding and stored away out of view. At Frame Your Photo, we can help in providing solutions for the way such treasured pieces can be beautifully displayed. We can help with design of layout, colour setting and frame selection that best suits the kind of display that does these items true justice. Our knowledge and expertise even extends to advice on how to best restore and preserve these items. Why not give us a call on 04 22 649 018 to find out more.

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Here is an example of military memorabilia:

frame for memorabilia-baseball

Shadow boxes – wall decor

For framing objects, we use a framing system called “floating”. With “floating” the object is positioned in the centre of a piece of mat board, usually secured in place with an adhesive foam core. This way the edges of the object remain visible. Around this we make borders to form a box, with the object raised to a required height and faced with glass so the object remains protected and free from dust and other contaminants.

We offer a range of depths in this framing method, from 15mm to 40mm, or even a custom made frame to a depth of 150mm. We also offer choice of either single or double matt, and you can choose the colour background you desire.

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