For many households, the kitchen is heart and center of the household, the room around which all other activities revolve. It is here that we prepare food, eat together, and chat, engaging in a multitude social activities while we prepare treats, brew a cup of tea, or enjoy sweets with our guests or family. It only makes sense that this central living space is a true reflection of who you are and what your household is about.


Decorating your kitchen in a way that reflects your personality and unique individuality provides a means of self-expression and can add to the overall friendliness and homeliness of this important living space. Retro wood sings provide the perfect vehicle of expression and can add character to your kitchen, giving it a sense of place. The broad variety of subjects and availability of customization options ensures that you can find or create something that truly expresses you, from shabby to chic, to country antique. You can opt for an old wise saying, some kind of cynical or whimsical comment, reproductions of classic old-time advertising icons, or an image that evokes nostalgia or homeliness. There is literally no limit to the possibilities that can be realized by including retro-styles, hand-painted wood signs to your kitchen or other rooms in your house.


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