Home decorating can be fun and give us an avenue to express ourselves and who we are. We want our home to be warm, cozy, unique, and ultimately to be an expression of our individual tastes and persona.

Retro, vintage posters provide a means to show off our tastes and to decorate in elegant style. Vintage posters host a wide variety of subject matter, from classic rock and roll memories, nostalgic old-time movies, or iconic advertising images of a bygone era. So many subjects in unique attractive presentations, that there is sure to be images that match our tastes and express the things we want to say about ourselves.

More and more posters are becoming recognized as a legitimate form of art and sophisticated decorating. This is not about kids plastering their walls with images of their favourite rock celebrity. Vintage posters are legitimate forms of artwork, high-quality lithographs, plate printed by artisan printers. Adding quality produced images to your interior can really set things off and allow you to create a unique space with ambience and mood. Vintage posters are not just for homes with retro-like, vintage interiors, but can work equally well in modern, contemporary spaces. The key is in recognizing that posters can enhance the overall colour scheme and design layout of your very personal living spaces.

What makes for tasteful and sophisticated presentations, is the addition of framing or block wood mounting. This will transform a vintage lithograph into a piece worthy of presentation and admiration. Correctly chosen, frames function as an integral component of the overall presentation and are just as important to incorporating an image into the overall design of a room as is the image itself. Frames can be used to highlight, and draw attention to an image, working as an extension to the overall presentation itself, or to provide a means to blend the artwork seamlessly with your interior design to make a cozy, unique and inviting living space. Similarly, block mounting not only enhances durability but also adds a sense of quality and professionalism to any vintage style lithograph.

As well as mounting an image in place on your wall, skillful use of lighting can be used to really set off the image of your choice, and add to the overall charm of your unique living space. Lighting can be used to highlight a piece, or to create a mode that matches the timeless image captured in the art.

Whether as promotions for old movies, classic rock and roll memorabilia, or icon advertising images of the age, vintage posters provide variety and charm that is sure to match your desire for self-expression, style and taste.


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