Do you have something to say? Is there some kind of ironic quote that really captures the world in your eyes? “Humour”, Mel Brooks once said, “is just another defense against the universe”. Funny sayings and inspirational quotes can make delightful presentations and effective conversation starters in your home. They can express a sentiment that is important to you, a thought provoking perspective on life, or even a daily reminder of personal inspiration to you and those of your household. Take for example a quote by the famous American country music singer, Jimmy Dean; “I can’t change the direction of the wind, but I can just always adjust my sails to reach my destination”. It is strength in the face of adversity, hope confronted by challenge, and inspiration to keep adapting to the ever changing circumstances of our lives. It is quotes like this that can really express who we are, and convey a deeper sense of the outlook we have on life, whether optimistic, fatalistic, or just plain funny.


Presented tastefully in the right style, quotes, funny photographs, or inspirational sayings can really set off the tone of a living space and express something very important about you. The best way to approach this kind of home decorating is to find something that really expresses a point of view, hope or sentiment of your own. Add to this a tasteful, stylish frame, and you have a piece that not only reveals to guests or family who you are and what you stand for, but even food for thought and inspiration to those who see it and read it.


Good places to start, include the internet where you can research quotes, inspirational sayings, or other intriguing tips for life, or look up the name of your favourite movie star, author or musician to see if they have said anything note worthy and cool. Next, consider the space where you want to display it. What would be the right size, the right colours, the right style to fit in with your existing décor and the flavor of the sentiment you wish to express. Whether humour or optimism, framed quotes or inspirational sayings make great exhibition by which you can decorate your living space.


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