Decorating your home with antique, retro objects can be an extremely effective way to add a charm or achieve an overall rustic ambience to your home or even place of work. There are a multitude of retro objects which can be used including charming old antique clocks, vintage bicycles, rustic wood shelves, and even old typewriters or antique telephones. These vintage treasures are uniquely captivating and fascinating to look at. They can be used as standalone displays in your home, or as a means to extend upon a theme captured in an old style, vintage image.

 Vintage Typewriter

The trick here is to combine a collection into a coherent, thematic display. For example, retro items can be united by theme, colour, tone or time period. Perfect for creating a particular mood or ambience that expresses the kind of space you like to create and live in. Imagine, for example, a classic black and white still of your favourite old time movie star set off with candelabras and a vintage string of pearls to extend on the theme of a golden era in Hollywood.

 Vintage Electric Guitar

Classic retro pieces include antique clocks, vintage bicycles, classic art deco lamps, or space-age looking 1960s electrical appliances. There are even some classic furniture types that come together and can extend on any theme you choose to present. All of these items can be combined to create a fascinating but subtle exhibition to enhance the overall ambience of your home or living space. Typically, classic objects like this can be sourced from flea markets, pawn-shops and even devoted collectors. Choosing the right kind of objects is key to success.

Vintage Camera

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