If you are after a young house atmosphere, framed chalkboard may be your first choice for the dining/kitchen wall.

This chalkboard sign will create a rustic wall decor, but also great for keeping daily projects to groceries needed or simply, what’s for dinner!


Chalkboard home decor

Rustic chalkboard

Post notes stuck all over your refrigerator can ruin the charm and order of an otherwise well-organized kitchen. Why not consider replacing this untidy, unsightly mess with a framed children’s chalkboard? This not only dispenses with the need for sticky post-it notes, but provides a useful, charming and functional message board to write up those reminder notes, message your household companions, or compile your shopping list.


Chalkboards are easy to source and easy to make, so one of the right size and shape to fit into your kitchen space should be easy to find. Framed in a selection of attractive timber framing, adds a sense of quality, chicness, and design to an element which will take pride of place in the most important social space in your household. Easy to use, easy to clean, a framed chalkboard can provide a charming and aesthetically pleasing solution to message boarding in your home.


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